£45 Per Day

The Hawaii

The Hawaii AirJet features 120 all-surrounding AirJet massagers that are guaranteed to help soothe, stimulate, and rejuvenate aching muscles in style. Made from premium-quality TriTech material, this stable and durable spa is perfect for complementing any garden or outdoor living area. Boasting an automatic start-stop timer, a 40°C rapid heating system, and even cushioned flooring, this digitally controlled Airjet Spa is just what you need to soak in on any Summer’s day or chilly Winter evening. Complete with a clip-on leatheroid top cover, inflatable lid, 2 filter cartridges, and even a desirable chemical floater, this easy-to-setup spa is guaranteed to impress.

Sussex Surrey London
4 Days Minimum Hire
Seats Upto 6 People
Lights Up
Heats up to 40°C
120 Air Jets
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