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This Weeks Weather

Regional Forecast for London & South East England
Mainly dry. Sunny spells this evening. Often clear overnight.

This Evening and Tonight:
Warm and often sunny this evening. Any showers will die away around dusk, then dry overnight with clear spell. Feeling humid. Some mist patches, or areas of low cloud, may develop overnight with light variable winds. Minimum temperature 14 °C.

Early mist, low cloud will clear. Very warm inland with sunny spells, but cooler near coasts with onshore breezes. Scattered heavy, thundery showers are likely to develop in the afternoon. Maximum temperature 29 °C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:
Mainly dry through the period with sunny spells and variable cloud. Possible showers on Friday. Very warm or hot by day inland, but cooler near coasts with onshore breezes.

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Our Swim Spas First Hire

The weather is hot and the sun is shining down the perfect weather for our swim spa. After waiting months for delivery we have hired out our first swim spa and our customers have sent in some photos and are absolutely loving it